After 7 Years, Chris Knight Readies New Album, “Almost Daylight”

After 7 Years, Chris Knight Readies New Album, “Almost Daylight”

Known for songs that are as dark as the Kentucky coalmines he once worked, Chris Knight will release a new album, Almost Daylight, on Oct. 11.

The upcoming project will be Chris’ first new album since the release of Little Victories in September 2012. The 11-song offering, which was helmed by frequent producer Ray Kennedy (Enough Rope, Little Victories), features vocals from longtime friend Lee Ann Womack on “Send It on Down,” as well as a duet with John Prine on “Mexican Home,” which originally appeared on Prine’s 1973 album, Sweet Revenge. Chris also covers Johnny Cash’s “Flesh and Blood” on the new album.

“I was determined not to do any acoustic songs on this album,” Chris says. “I wanted it all to sound edgy and raw, but to feel big at the same time. We kept trying different approaches until I felt we landed on what worked. The thing is, some of my songs might take a year of writing before I even think they’re ready for recording and I fretted about every one of these. I’ve never put a cover song on any of my records before, but there are two covers on this one. And I think it all fits together pretty good.”

Almost Daylight Track Listing

  1. “I’m William Callahan”
  2. “Crooked Mile”
  3. “I Won’t Look Back”
  4. “Go On”
  5. “The Damn Truth”
  6. “Send It On Down” feat. Lee Ann Womack
  7. “Almost Daylight”
  8. “Trouble Up Ahead”
  9. “Everybody’s Lonely Now”
  10. “Flesh and Blood”
  11. “Mexican Home” feat. John Prine

photo by Ray Kennedy