Brad Paisley Is Hoping to Lift Spirits With His Upbeat New Single, “No I in Beer” [Listen]

Brad Paisley Is Hoping to Lift Spirits With His Upbeat New Single, “No I in Beer” [Listen]

In the face of quarantining and physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, Brad Paisley is hoping to lift spirits with his upbeat new single, “No I in Beer,” which he released at midnight on April 15.

Penned by Brad and Kelley Lovelass, “No I in Beer” impacts country radio immediately. The tune is Brad’s first official single since his 2019 release, “My Miracle,” which peaked at No. 42.

“So I wrote this song two years ago with my best buddy Kelley Loveless, and it’s crazy as I look around at life right now how everybody is just doing what they can to get through this,” says Brad. “And one of the things that’s so crazy are these drinking parties that people are having from their homes using technology to be together any way that they can . . . it’s like so strange in such a way that we are connected in a way that we’ve never been and one of the common denominators is alcohol. The fact that beer sales, alcohol sales are up, like, I hear, like 60 percent or something ridiculous. And I get it. It’s like people are utilizing this time to connect with people and to feel sort of solidarity as human beings in the face of this pandemic. And this song, which wasn’t written for this pandemic, but it takes on new meaning for me when I hear it now, I just feel like, you know what, life sorta sucks right now in some ways and we gotta do what we can to get through this. And if we’ve ever felt unified as Americans as citizens of the world, it’s in the fact that nobody loves what we’re going through but everybody’s willing to do what we have to do and one of those things is let’s be a team—let’s be a drinking team and that’s what we are right now.”

Listen to “No I in Beer” below.

photo by NCD