Mississippi mom back home after nearly dying from COVID-19 while pregnant

An Indianola mom is finally at home with her newborn baby after nearly dying from the coronavirus.

Cessie Stringer was admitted to University of Mississippi Medical Center on Sept. 24 with respiratory failure from COVID-19. At the time, she was 21 weeks pregnant with her third child.

According to the UMMC, Stringer was faced with a tough decision when doctors said she needed to go on a ventilator.

The mother of three said she knew she couldn’t give up because she had two children and one on the way.

Stringer made one request to her doctors before she was intubated: “I said, ‘Don’t give up on me.’”

She was in critical condition for weeks and was intubated for more than a month, the hospital said.

Her doctor, Dr. Rachael Morris, said she required blood pressure support and countless medications just to keep her alive. She also developed kidney failure and required dialysis for several weeks.

After 47 days in the intensive care unit, Stringer was moved from the ICU to Wiser Hospital for Women and Infants for pregnancy care and rehabilitation.

Stringer was determined to get well and have a healthy baby.

Her baby boy, Harlem, was born 8 weeks early but healthy on Dec. 16.

A few weeks later, Stringer was transferred to Methodist Rehabilitation Center to prepare her for life at home with her children.

Doctors at UMMC said they are still learning more about the ways COVID-19 can affect pregnancies.

“We know that COVID is associated with increased rates of fetal growth restriction, miscarriage, stillbirth, preterm delivery and pre-eclampsia,” Morris said.

After more than three months, Stringer is finally back at home with her family and is thankful to the medical team who saved her life.

“They never gave up on me and were beside me and Harlem through it all,” she said. “I can’t thank them enough.”


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