Want to host a porch concert? Make sure you have a permit first

You may have heard about porch concerts in New Orleans. They got started after musicians’ lives were turned upside down by the pandemic.

What you may not know and what one New Orleans area man found out the hard way is that you need a permit.

The permit is free and if you don’t have one you could get shut down.

Jack Bosma said he’s been doing porch concerts for the last year. His event was shut down Friday after police say it got too loud and he did not have a permit.

“This is what New Orleans is all about. Street parades, music and these porch concerts have mushroomed in the last year,” Bosma said. “The cop was understanding and apologetic he said we know this is happening all over town but you just happened to get a call and he had to respond.”

“I was looking forward to playing some nice music we were just getting good and heating up,” Marc Paraids said.

“I think the amps are probably a little much they don’t bother me but I could understand if some people didn’t like them,” neighbor Wayne Wagner said. “In my neighborhood, there’s probably within a half block of my house, five houses that do them at least.”

“They do require a permit that’s been the case for quite a while there’s no fee for a porch permit which is very important to know it doesn’t cost you any money there are certain safety benchmarks that you have to hit so you have to go through the office of safety and permits,” New Orleans City Spokesperson Beau Tidwell said.

WDSU asked how many permits have been issued and has not heard back from the city.

If you would like to apply for a permit click here.

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