Chase Adams

Chase AdamsWeekends 2pm – 7pm

Hello everyone, I’m Chase Adams! I was born at West Jefferson Hospital and raised in Harvey. I graduated from the University of New Orleans back in 2009 with a BA in Film, Theatre, and Communication Arts, so I could pursue my lifelong radio dreams! The DJ’s I grew up listening to here in New Orleans inspired me to get behind the mic. After all, those guys were having a blast! You could hear it in their voices. They had a way of making radio seem larger than life. I wanted to be like them; I wanted to do what they did. As a kid, I would record myself as a DJ and play the recordings back to myself, and my friends. It didn’t take me long to learn how it was done. What can I say, I was a radio geek LOL! I finally broke into the industry in 2002 as a weekend production assistant at a local oldies station here in the Crescent City. One day my boss gave me the opportunity to move forward: he approached me and asked if I wanted to do overnights on a sister station… Of course, I wasn’t going to turn that down. I jumped on it! After that, the rest is history.

I took a brief break after Hurricane Katrina, but decided to get back into radio in 2008 and am happy to be behind the mic here at NASH FM 92.3! I love this city and our listeners, and I’m always happy to hear from you! Call me up on the NASH line at (504) 260-9292. Happy listening!